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                817 Elephant Pure Basmati Rice 10lb

                817 Elephant Pure Basmati Rice is the world’s most exquisite rice. It takes birth in the most fertile valleys and plains of India. It is harvested by hand with delicate care, aged to perfection and then processed. The result is an extra long, pearly white, delicate grain with an irresistible aroma and delectable taste.  Manufactured By:Deva Singh Sham SinghCountry of...

                Aashirvaad 100% Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) - 11 Lbs

                For the eagle-eyed modern cook, nothing less than the best quality will do for her family. Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta is milled only from selected grains and from the best wheat growing regions in India. And most importantly, with Aashirvaad Atta you can be guaranteed soft rotis every-time you sit down for a meal. Disclaimer: Actual packaging may be different than...

                Ahmed Chilli Pickle In oil 1 Kg (35.27 OZ)

                Ingredients: Limon 60-64%, Spuaneam oil, Salt, Acetic acid E-260, Red chilli, fenugreek, Aniseed, Fennel, Cumin seed, Turmeric, Onion seed Product Weight: 2.2 Lbs Disclaimer: Actual packaging may be different than the picture. Actual Product Packaging may contain additional information regarding ingredients. Please review actual packaging for details.

                Ahmed Chilli Pickle in Oil 320 Grams (11.28 OZ)

                Ahmed Chill Pickle in Oil .Ahmed Pickles contain fresh fruits and vegetables, preserved in salt, mustard oil and vinegar with spices. Most pickles are hot and some are spicy. 

                Ahmed Lime Pickle In Oil 1 kg (35.27 OZ)

                Ahmed Lime Pickles contain fresh fruits and vegetables, preserved in salt, mustard oil and vinegar with spices.  Manufactured by:Ahmed FoodsCountry Of Origin: Product of Pakistan Ingredients: Mango 60-64%, Soyabean Oil, Salt, Acetic Acid E-260, Red Chilli, Fenugreek, Aniseed, Fennel, Cumin Seed, Turmeric, Onion SeedProduct Weight: 1000 Grams (1 KG, 2.2 LB)Product Type: PicklesPackage: Plastic Jar

                Almond Slivered 200 grams (7OZ)

                Almond Slivered provide a healthy and natural ingredient to your Indian meals. Or use them as a healthy snack. Packed with nutritious vitamins and antioxidants. Great for building a strong immune system and make sure your body gets the right minerals it needs.  Almond Slivered are fresh and natural and sourced from the highest quality. Product Weight: 200gm 7OZ

                Amma’s Kitchen Jackfruit Chips (Chakka Varuthathu) – 7oz

                Amma’s Kitchen Jackfruit Chips brings you the authentic and traditional taste of India! Made fresh and natural with coconut and sunflower oil, these Jackfruit chips are a great snack! Whether you pack Amma’s Kitchen snacks as part of a school lunch for your child or keep them at home for snack, you’re sure to be satisfied with the quality of our...

                Amul Pure Ghee 905 Grams (1 Liter) Net

                Amul ghee is made from fresh cream. An ethnic product made by dairies with decades of experience and is a rich source of vitamin A. D. E and K.Ghee is very healthy for your body 1 spoon a day keeps you fit ans strong in this fast the where you need to be active & energetic always. Take one spoon...

                Ayur Amla & Shikakai with Reetha Herbal Shampoo

                Herbal Shampoos are based on natural ingredients and most of these natural ingredients are healthy and have no side effect on scalp and hairs. These Herbal shampoos gives complete conditioning and complete treatment to hair problems and also give them power to fight with these problems in future. Ayur Amla & Shikakai with Reetha Herbal Shampoo is the best shampoo...