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                Flour (Atta)

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Juvar Flour 2LB

                Juvar or Juwar flour (Atta) is milled from cream colored grains. Juvar flour produces wholesome breads such as bhakris. It is also widely used to coat vegetables and meats for a crispy outer shell.

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Handwa Flour 2LB

                Handwa Flour (Atta) is a flour made from corn, rice and chana dal. This flour is commonly used to make breads and steamed cakes. Handhwa, a Gujarati dish, combines this flour with yogurt and spices to make a light snack.

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Bajri Flour 2LB

                This Bajri Atta (millet flour) is milled from bulrush or pearl millet. The grayish flour has a nutty aroma and a slightly bittersweet taste. This gluten free flour gives baked goods a soft and dry base. Bajri is most commonly used to make rotla and thalipeeth flatbreads.  

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Mathia Flour 2LB

                Mathia flour (Atta) is made from ground moth beans and urid dal. It is used to make a very thin, deep fried snack called mathia. It is most popular in the northern regions of India and served with tea or coffee.

                Aashirvaad 100% Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) - 11 Lbs

                For the eagle-eyed modern cook, nothing less than the best quality will do for her family. Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta is milled only from selected grains and from the best wheat growing regions in India. And most importantly, with Aashirvaad Atta you can be guaranteed soft rotis every-time you sit down for a meal. Disclaimer: Actual packaging may be different than...

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Moong Flour 2LB

                Moong Flour (Moong Dal Atta) is refined, cream-colored flour is processed from hulled moong dal. It is used to make light snacks and savories such as dahi vadas.

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Dhokla Flour 2LB

                Dhokla Flour (Atta) is a milled flour made of ground chickpea and rice flours. This flour is used to make cornbread-like, steamed cakes called dhokra. Dhokra are a specialty of Gujarat, where people buy them garnished with coriander leaves and roasted sesame seeds from street vendors. Additional garnishes include mint chutney, coriander chutney and a grated coconut chutney.

                #1 Ghanti Chaap Urid Flour 2LB

                This creamy-white Urid flour (Urid Dal Atta) is made from dried black urad lentils that have been skinned and split. Most widely used in the south, it is mixed with rice or wheat flour to make dosa crepes, uttappam (a type of pancake), and idli cakes. Urad flour batter is often seasoned to make savories such as chaklis (murukus), and...